NGINX based vod packager 소개

  • Working modes:
  • Local: serve locally accessible files (local disk/NFS mounted)
  • Remote: serve files accessible via HTTP using range requests
  • Mapped: serve files according to a specification encoded in JSON format. The JSON can pulled from a remote server, or read from a local file
  • Adaptive bitrate support
  • Playlist support — mapped mode only
  • Simulated live support (generating live stream from MP4 files) — mapped mode only
  • Fallback support for file not found in local/mapped modes (useful in multi-datacenter environments)
  • Video codecs: H264, H265 (DASH/HLS), VP9 (DASH)
  • Audio codecs: AAC, MP3 (HLS/HDS/MSS), AC-3 (DASH/HLS), E-AC-3 (DASH/HLS), OPUS (DASH)
  • Playback rate change — 0.5x up to 2x (requires libelcodec and libavfilter)
  • Support for variable segment lengths — enabling the player to select the optimal bitrate fast, without the overhead of short segments for the whole duration of the video
  • Clipping of MP4 files for progressive download playback
  • Thumbnail capture (requires libavcodec)
  • Decryption of CENC-encrypted MP4 files (it is possible to create such files with MP4Box)
  • DASH: common encryption (CENC) support
  • MSS: PlayReady encryption support
  • HLS: Generation of I-frames playlist (EXT-X-I-FRAMES-ONLY)
  • HLS: support for AES-128 / SAMPLE-AES encryption
  • I-frames playlist generation is not supported when encryption is enabled
  • Tested on Linux only

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